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Corona Heights Expert Roofing Service

Corona Heights Roofing ContractorSince 2000 the team at Queens Roofing has provided superior roofing for both home and business owners in Corona Heights. We pride ourselves in exceptional customer service, fast dependable work, and competitive rates that stay within your budget. You get the benefit of superior craftsmanship with top of the line roofs that stand the test the time. We work closely with each of our clients through every phase of construction in order to guarantee satisfaction without all the hassle. Whether you are a business owner or home owner, put our roofer in queens to the test and let us help you with all your roofing needs.

Commercial Roofing for Your Business

As a business owner, your primary concern is to protect both your clients and staff. So when you need roof installation, repair, or a full replacement, go with the professionals. At Queens Roofing we specialize in all roofing types including metal roofing, steel, sheet metal, 4 ply, rubberized, EPD roofing, cold roofs, and hot roofs. You can get your roof completely customized in order to suit your current office or business. We offer flexible scheduling and efficient service so that your daily operations are not disrupted and you can get on with your business.

Comprehensive Roof Repair

If your roof has been damaged recently or is getting old, we can help restore your entire roof back to new condition. We begin with a thorough assessment of all the weakness in your roof and then make recommendations on what needs to be done in order to fix the damage. Whether it’s small portions of your roof, or you need a major overhaul, we provide complete roof repairs in Corona Heights that takes care of all components. Our roof repair creates a tight protective seal around your roof in order to give your home maximum defense from the outside elements.

Dependable Roof Inspections

It is a good idea to have your roof periodically inspected in order to insure that your home is fully protected. If there are areas in your roof in which water or air are allowed to enter, then it can cause damage that you may not even know about it. An inspection from Queens Roofing is quick and easy and very affordable. You get peace of mind in knowing that your every part of your roof is top notch condition. Our Corona Heights roof inspections are comprehensive which means that every part is assessed. We look for flaws in your shingles, warped or separated boards, ventilation, supporting framework, and everything else. You get a complete inspection top to bottom.

Get A Brand New Roof From Roofing Contractors Queens

If your home is at least 20 years old, then you may want to consider a whole roof replacement. As your roof gets older, it starts to suffer from wear and tear. Over time humidity, sunlight, rain, and extreme temperatures can weaken the entire structure and compromise the comfort and safety of your family. Our service includes removal of the old roof, strengthening of the framework, and a brand new roof replacement. When the job is done you have a new quality roof that improves your curb appeal and adds market value to your property. You’ll love the results.

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