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Queens Parapet Wall Repair

If you need parapet wall repair, our team of experienced commercial and industrial building roofing contractors at Eden Queens Roofing Contractors can handle your project.

How Roof Repairs will keep a Roof Longer LastingWe offer:

  • Parapet Repairs
  • Metal Claddings on Parapet
  • Brick work in Siding
  • Rebuilding the walls
  • Waterproofing

A Parapet Wall is simply a short wall that is located along the edge of a roof, terrace, balcony, walkway, or other such structure. They are used as a barrier against fire and wind-uplift.

If you think of a flat roof structure that is common in almost every city for commercial roofing applications, most will have a parapet wall that extends above the flat roofline.

Parapets are used in several different architectural designs as well. Think of them as similar to the image of an old castle structure, or of many of the roofs in London. Parapets can be plain, embattled, perforated, or panelled.

Long ago, parapets were used to defend building from military attack. But today, we use them primarily as guard rails, and for fire and wind-uplift resistance.

Different parapet structures include Fire Wall Parapets, Bridge Parapets, Stairwell Parapets, Parapets used in fortification, and Historic Parapet Walls. In Europe, parapets are sub-categorically defined as “vehicle restraint systems or pedestrian restraint systems.”

Brick Work in Siding & Rebuilding the Parapet Walls in Queens

Often, the brickwork above the roofline (on the parapet wall) can bow, lean, loose mortar or crack, all of which are unsafe. Missing mortar can allow moisture in which makes the entire structure dangerous.

The more a roof is exposed to harsh weather, the more attention the parapet wall will require. If not properly maintained, problems with the structure will cause roofing problems as well.

Clay and limestone are the two most common materials used to crown parapet walls. And the majority of the problems with parapets is when they start to decay, are defective, or were improperly installed. When it rains, water will penetrate through parapet walls and the structure will begin to deteriorate.

Our professional commercial & industrial roofing contractors can take care of your parapet wall problems including the rebuilding of the parapets where necessary. Our masonry experts are professionals who are experienced in a variety of roofing materials.

Metal Cladding on Parapet Walls

Your parapet walls need to be structurally sound, and that includes the cladding and coping areas of the structure. We can repair issues that are keeping your parapet wall from functioning properly, whether they stem from damage or improper installation issues.

When you need parapet wall repairs, you need experienced roofers who can handle the job. Our expert roofing contractors are fully certified to handle your parapet repairs. We are flat roof specialists and 100% Commercial & industrial roofing company. We have been making these repairs for fifteen years in the Queens, NY area and we’d love to have the opportunity to provide you with an estimate for your parapet walls repair.

If you would like to learn more about our services for Parapet Walls, please call 718-819-7700 or complete our online request form.

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