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Brick Pointing In Queens County, NY

Brick Pointing in Queens, NYMortar decaying with brick walls is not an uncommon thing. The corrosion of mortar between brick typically occurs where it has the most exposure to air, water, infestation, plant life, or extreme weather conditions. Maintaining the high quality appeal of your brick walls is a must have for any successful business. Mortar which is typically held together by sand, cement, water, and lime is not as indestructible as it looks. Even something as gentle as water can cause huge problems for those with brick walls.

There is virtually nothing on earth that doesn’t require some form of maintenance or repair with time. Brick walls are no exception, repointing is a method used by roofing company in queens ny, masons, and contractors to keep brick walls strong. This technique sometimes called simply brick pointing begins by attempting to make the best mortar match possible. The brick foundation that is held together by mortar has its own unique make up, texture, and consistency. When brick pointing it’s very important to get the best possible match between the old mortar and the new mortar. This is because if two different consistency mortars are combined together they will not only suffer incompatibilities but they will also appear unattractive. Typically, this process starts by studying various samples of the old mortar to determine its characteristics. Once a match has been successfully crafted the old mortar will be removed. In most cases about 50% of the mortar will be removed so that the new mortar can meet at the joints of each brick and correctly fuse.

In Queens it’s very important to remove the mortar very cautiously. This is done so to prevent any unnecessary damage or corrosion to the brick structure. Brick pointing is one of Eden Roofing’s specialties. We know firsthand just how much skill, patience, and efficiency it takes to complete a great brick pointing job.

Brick repointing in Queens can be a tricky field. One of the most common questions we get is “When is the right time for brick repointing?” This question can have different answers depending on the building. However, it is commonly accepted that as soon as the face of the mortar begins to decay it is time to begin brick repointing.

What are the benefits of brick repointing?

Brick repointing is an excellent way of keeping your home, business, or building in great condition while still maintaining its traditional appearance. Similarly, brick repointing allows you rejuvenate the appearance of an establishment with the convenience of not having to remodel the walls. It goes without saying but by brick repointing you can create greater value for your establishment. The fresh, outstanding appearance left by repointed walls shines of success. Furthermore, by brick repointing in Queens you can insulate your property that much more from extreme weather conditions. This means cooler insides during the summer and warmer insides during the fall. Additionally, repointing will help to keep moisture out of your establishment.

Why is maintenance so important for brick walls?

When it comes to brick repointing, it it’s definitely more effective on older buildings. Providing proper routine maintenance for your brick walls will have spectacular effects on the longevity of your building. In order to offer you the best brick repointing maintenance in Queens here are the absolute necessities of Eden Roofing.

First and foremost, any broken, brittle, or corroding mortar will be replaced upon discovery. Second, it isn’t unusual for plants to grow into your mortar or through it. The forces of nature are more powerful than we often give them credit. These plants have roots that can easily rupture the consistent state of your mortar. They will be removed upon discovery. Performing evaluations on the strength and durability of your brick and mortar walls is what it all boils down to.

When you hire the experts at Eden Roofing to provide maintenance or handle the repointing of your brick walls you get people who really care. The trick to brick repointing is actually quite simple. The price you pay to have your walls repointed is dramatically lower than the advantages associated with it.

By utilizing our brick repointing processes in Queens you can look forward to numerous advantages down the line. Perhaps the most obvious improvement would be the appearance of the building. The new mortar compliments the bricks in the building in such a way that tourists might even think the building is brand new. This means a massive increase in the value of your property which lends itself to any renting, selling, or resales you may consider in the future. There is however, one rather sizeable disadvantage of brick repointing in Queens.

These processes take time, they can be time consuming, and even dangerous. Safety is always our number one concern during all brick repointing jobs. The time sink associated with brick repointing in Queens stems out of our desire to provide all parties with excellence in safety and beauty in workmanship. In order to make sure your building looks great at the end we need to take our time with the steps throughout.

If you are interested in increasing the value of your property brick repointing may be for you. Our staff would be happy to assist you in setting up a primary meeting today. Please call best roofing company in queens, ny  with any and all brick repointing needs you may be considering.

If you are looking for brick pointing services in Queens then please call 718-819-7700 or complete our online request form.


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