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Roof Replacement In Queens, NY

Roof Replacement in Queens, NY

Are you in need of a roofing system replacement in Queens? Queens Roofing has the expertise to bring you back to regular comfort levels with ease. When you work with Queens roofing you appreciate a quality of work that many other roof replacement companies in Queens simply don’t have to offer. Below are some examples of the roofing systems we replace and more.

Metal Roofing in Queens

You might be wondering what the advantages are of metal roofing; It’s safe to say metal roofing has a great life expectancy, and is much lighter in weight than most other options. A properly installed metal roof is nearly weather-proof – sealing out water, ice, snow, not to mention that metal is resistant to fire. You won’t have to worry about insects, rot, or mildew either. Metal will also help keep the heat down by reflecting the sun, which means more money saved on that high gas bill. Some drawbacks do exist, as metal can be more costly than other materials. It’s also

Asphalt Shingle Roofing in Queens

Asphalt shingle repair is a common job at Queens very own Eden Roofing, seeing as it’s a popular material. Getting leaks in asphalt shingles repaired is a breeze for our customers. First it’s important to identify the source of the leak. Since water can take some interesting paths, the source of the leak may not always be where you think it is on the roof. Once the leak is identified, the nails and damaged shingles are removed, and new underlayment is installed in place of the old damaged one. Brand new asphalt shingles are installed, nailed, and set with concrete or adhesive. Just like that, the leak is gone, and further damage is avoided.


Wood shakes can require more maintenance than other materials, something our experts at Eden Roofing of Queens would be happy to assist you with. It is a good idea to regularly check for damage, leaks, or growth. Some people prefer to use preservatives or finishes to add resilience to their wood shakes. If part of your maintenance involves repair, Eden roofing is right for the job. We’ll identify any leaks, replace any broken shakes or torn felt paper, and leave your beautiful roof in the pristine condition.

Tile Roofing in Queens

Clay or concrete tiles can be tricky to repair – even walking on these delicate tiles can damage them. Luckily Queens’ very own Queens Roofing has the staff ready to tackle the job. Small cracks, holes, or imperfections can be easily cleaned and filled with roofing cement. If your tiles are completely cracked or broken, they can be carefully removed and replaced by brand new tiles held in place by powerful adhesive. With tiles, leaks are usually a sign of a problem with the felt paper under the tiles and less often is an issue with the tiles themselves. A solution is available – we can easily remove the tiles around the affected area and reinforce the paper with roofing cement.


Fixing leaks in EPDM roofs can be tricky, as nails, heat welding, or certain adhesives can leave the roof in worse condition than when you started. For a proper and professional repair, Queens Roofing has you covered. Tears, leaks, and improper seam applications are all fixable by first ensuring that the area is clean. To repair seams, they are pulled back and examined for debris, or water damage. Any insulation that is damaged is replaced is expertly. Any sections of EPDM that are damaged or need replacing, are replaced using a combination of cleaning, curing, and adhesive that is unique to its chemical structure. In some cases, a special high strength tape is used to repair rubber roofs that is able to expand and contract according to temperature along with the rubber.

Built Up

Repairing built-up roofs, or BUR is a job Roofing contractors in Queens does quite a lot. Leaks may sometimes occur where the material meets edges of chimneys, eaves, or other protrusions. Often times – blistering or bubbling on the surface of a BUR roof can indicate that water has seeped in and may be leaking somewhere. In order to fix this, it is a matter of locating the exact area where moisture is accumulating, and cut the material out of it. Once located, cement is used in order to provide a seal. Afterwards, the section that has been cut out is replaced, and the roof becomes leak free!


When you’ve got a broken slate tile, don’t hesitate to call Roofing Contractors of Queens to expertly replace it with no headache. Repair of a broken tile begins simply with the removal of the damaged tile. Afterwards a new tile is inserted, held in place by a slate hook or well-placed nail. If any leaks are present, a quick repair of any affected slates can be performed, and underlayment can be placed in order to prevent water from leaking. With Queens Roofing on call to help keep your slate roofing in top shape, your classic style will persevere for years.

If you are looking for roof replacement services in Queens then please call 718-819-7700 or complete our online request form.

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