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Roof Installation In Queens, NY

Roof Installation Services in Queens, NYThere are many options available when you decide to install a new roof. Eden Roofing in Queens has experience with a multitude of materials that range from low cost and practical, to heavy duty and reliable commercial options. Call our roofing contractor queens, ny today to learn more about your roofing options.

Metal Roofing Installation in Queens

A common material used to accommodate low slopes and high weather resistance is metal. When installing a metal roof, the old shingles (or alternative) are removed to provide the best foundation. Afterwards, any necessary repair is done to improve the structure of the exposed framework. With a fresh, sturdy base to build upon, a layer of insulation is added to keep temperatures in check. The metal edges and panels are then put into place, secured, and sealed. As a final step, extra edges pieces are fitted over any remaining gaps between panels. We check to make sure the entire roof is covered, efficient, and safe for our loyal customers.

Asphalt Shingle Roofing Installation in Queens

Asphalt shingle installation is a popular choice for home owners due to their affordability and an attractive variety of styles. Roofing in Queens performs many of these commonplace installations using their longstanding experience working with this material. As with most other installations, the old roof is carefully removed and prepared for the new installation to provide a safe and stable base. A new underlayment or paper is laid down in order to weatherproof the roof. Several layers of shingles are cut and meticulously placed in order to canvas the entire area. Special types of adhesives are then used to secure the asphalt shingles in place and seal them from moisture.

Shakes Roofing Installation in Queens

Wood shake roofing is a great choice for Queens Roofing customers who want to be environmentally conscious, without sacrificing the quality and beauty of the final result. Installation starts with the raw material – Wood Shake is usually cut from red cedar – a wood that is able to resist damage from water and insects. The first step in installation involves placing one layer of roofing felt, followed immediately by a second layer of felt paper. Afterwards, more layers of shingles and felt are interwoven in order to create a strong, solid waterproof system of layers. Finally, shakes are installed on the top ridge of the roof to complete the look, and any final touch ups are done.

Tile Roofing Installation in Queens

Clay or concrete tiles are some of the longer lasting materials you can use for your roof installation – with concrete lasting 30-50 years and clay lasting potentially 100 years. It’s easy to see why Roofing Contractors in Queens’ customers would choose this material for their roof. Installation can be more complicated than some other materials. A wooden frame needs to be placed in order to support the weight of the tiles – as clay and concrete tend to be a heavier material to work with. Once the frame is built, a layer of felt paper is used to provide waterproofing and general protection. The tiles are then placed, set, and sealed, leaving Queens residents with a long-lasting and great looking roof.


EPDM or a “rubber roof” is a material that is very often used in commercial applications. It can be used to cover a large flat area. It’s waterproof, reflects heat, has a variety of styles available, and typically lasts 30-50 years. They can easily be installed improperly, which can result in poor performance and worse aesthetics. Your friendly staff at Roofing Contractors in Queens is here to make sure you never see an EPDM roof installation go anything but perfect. Firstly, any another materials are stripped to relieve stress on the structure and leave a clean base to work with. A wooden deck is then used to separate the EPDM from the underlayment paper. Finally, one or multiple cuts of EPDM material are bonded to the wooden frame, with precision and care taken to ensure the result is beautiful and free of folds or problem areas.

Built Up

Built up roofs – or BUR – are flat or low-slope solutions that are very popular for commercial purposes. BUR is a great material for many applications where there is heavy foot traffic or machinery located on the roof. BURs are made up of layers of hot asphalt, roofing felts, flood coat asphalt, and gravel placed on the roof sheathing. With this many layers, the roof we install is resistant to water damage, heat loss, and extreme weather. Because of the complicated nature of installation, many steps can be involved, not limited to heat or cold process in order to make the adhesive properly set. However complicated the installation is, Eden Roofing in Queens is happy to accommodate to those who want only the best roofing for their buildings.


When installed properly, a slate roofing can last quite a long time. Couple that with its aesthetic value and variety of styles and you can see why Eden Roofing offers installation of this classic material. Installation starts with the substrate – a material that nails will later be driven into. The layer of substrate can be wood boards, gypsum or nail-able concrete. Underlayment’s may be used to keep water out during installation, but is not as necessary as in most installations. The slates we use are carefully sourced, shaped, and fitted for your roof. After carefully arranging and nailing the tiles, snow guards and edges may be installed. Eventually, this roof material can adorn your beautiful home or business and leave you with one the most classic and long lasting styles around.

If you are looking for roof installation services in Queens then please call 718-819-7700 or complete our online request form.

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