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steel roofingOf the metal roof options available, steel roofing is one of the most popular. Steel offers a more affordable option compared to other metal roofing types. At Eden Roofing & General Contracting, we offer a wide variety of metal roof options, but most of our metal roofs are made from steel. Our roofers have extensive experience installing the many styles and types of steel roofing available. We offer steel roofing installation for commercial, industrial and residential buildings. We are dedicated to service excellence, and always complete the work on time and on budget. Call Eden Roofing & General Contractors for your steel roofing needs. We are New York’s premier choice for steel roofing specialists.

Steel roofing has a number of versatile options for your business or home. A popular style for commercial or farm buildings is corrugated steel roofing. A corrugated steel roof has been folded and grooved at regular intervals to increase its tensile strength; much like the wavey sheet of paper in between two cardboard panels makes a cardboard box more stable. This type of roofing offers unparalleled protection against harsh weather conditions, such as hail. In fact, corrugated steel roofing has been tested and proven to withstand hail up to three inches in diameter. The best part about corrugated steel roofing is that you get superior protection like this, but with extremely light weight material. Another of the most protective roofing types is slate tile, which weighs about 9lbs per square inch and is therefore extremely expensive and hard to install. Steel roofing offers more protection than any tile but only weighs 1.5lbs per square inch.

Another steel roofing option that is popular for private homes is stone-coated steel. This is a standard steel panel roof that has been coated with stone chips to mimic a variety of elegant roofing types. You can get your stone-coated steel roofing tiles in shake, shingle or tile. Your home will be transformed into the envy of the neighborhood with the chic and swanky look of a custom stone tile roof, but for a fraction of the cost.

Our New York Steel Roofing Specialists Provide the Following Services

  • Corrugated Steel
  • Stone-coated Steel Roofing
  • Commercial & Industrial Steel Roofing
  • Private Home Steel Roofing

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